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Monitoring Citrix Farm Using Operations Manager

Citrix Management Pack enables system administrators to monitor the health, availability, and configuration of XenApp servers and server farms.

The Management Pack interprets and reports information supplied by:
• The XenApp Provider that runs on Citrix servers
• The Licensing Provider that runs on license servers
• System events generated on Citrix servers

The three Management Pack files (Citrix.Library.mp, Citrix.Licensing.mp, Citrix.PresentationServer.mp) available on the installation media or for download from http://www.citrix.com/. To install the Management Pack, simply import these files into Operations Manager using the Operations Manager Console.


  1. The Management Pack requires the XenApp Provider to be installed on every XenApp Server which you want to monitor and Licensing Provider to be installed on the license server(s). The XenAppLicense Provider is a data provider that extracts information about the server on which it is installed and presents this to the Operations Manager Agent. The Provider supplies information about the server and, where appropriate, about the farm in which this server operates using WMI.
    Note: Both Providers are installed by default with Presentation Server 3.0 and later.
  2. Only licensed servers running Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 or later are fully supported as managed servers. Unlicensed servers and servers running earlier
    versions are not monitored by the Management Pack.
  3. The Management Pack does not support agentless monitoring.
  4. The Operations Manager Agent Action account must have full Citrix administration rights. If this account does not have the appropriate rights, error messages appear when attempting to access WMI data specific to XenApp.

Citrix Monitoring View:


Citrix Deployment view:



  1. The Discovery Process of Citrix servers and roles set to 1 hour , override the settings to 1 Day (86400 seconds).
  2. Event collection – The MP collects citrix events from server event log, if you are not using this feature overrides the rules to save some database space.

Known issues:

WMI Problems can be fixed using the following article.

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