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Cool article by Marnix Wolf

A long time since my last post.

today I read the last post of Marnix and I must say that this is exactly the topics that interest me in our field. As always Marnix presents the subject in his unique way.


Wow! On my HP Elitebook notebook with an I7 Intel CPU, SSD HD and 16 GBs of RAM I run Windows 8 RTM version with Hyper-V enabled. On the SSD I run all my VMs which – guess what – run some System Center 2012 components like SCOrch and OpsMgr 2012.

On itself it’s already awesome: when I put my notebook into hibernation, the VMs will be set into a saved state, basically meaning when I start my notebook again, the VMs will run from the moment they were paused.

So my VMs are running for more then a few weeks now, without any glitch at all. All the screens which I had opened in all my VMs before hibernating my notebook, are found back in the exact same way after my notebook is on again. Even better, all processes which I started run from where they left off…

And that’s really something very good Microsoft pulled of here. So no more need for any other hyper-visors on my Windows 8 machine! Again, awesome! Respect. This feature on itself is for me enough to migrate ALL my pc’s to Windows 8!”


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  1. 01/02/2013 at 5:21 AM

    How are you able to add scroll bar to the rigid SM Portal? Silverlight seems to have a fixed position and its frame (HTML portal) does not have a scrollbar 😦 any ideas?

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