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OpsMgr 2012 R2 – how to remove an old management group with VB script

Recently I needed a quick solution to a problem during a migration project. the problem was that some agents point to more then 1 management group. I found 2 good starting point to my problem: Manipulating SCOM 2012 agent multihoming options by script & Remove a Management group from a SCOM 2012 agent with script by Bob Cornelissen. System Center 2012 Operations Manager includes an agent configuration library that we can use to add, remove or view management group information using a script. my goal was to add a task to the new Operations Manager installation that in the end will help the customer to remove old management groups whenever he need.

Option Explicit

Dim objMSConfig

Set objMSConfig = CreateObject(“AgentConfigManager.MgmtSvcCfg”)

‘Get all management groups and display the port

Dim collMG

Set collMG = objMSConfig.GetManagementGroups()

if collMG.count > 1 then

   wscript.echo “found ” & collMG.count & ” management groups”

   ‘Enumerate the collection

   Dim mgItem

   For Each mgItem In collMG

       if mgItem.ManagementGroupName <> “<YourMGName>” then

       Call objMSConfig.RemoveManagementGroup (CStr(mgItem.ManagementGroupName))

          wscript.echo CStr(mgItem.ManagementGroupName) & ” removed”

       end if


end if

‘ enumerate MG again for task info Set collMG = objMSConfig.GetManagementGroups()

For Each mgItem In collMG

    wscript.echo “found ” & collMG.count & ” management group: ” & mgItem.ManagementGroupName


Step taken:

  1. Create a blank MP
  2. Goto authoring pane and right click on tasks
  3. Select “run a script” under agent tasks and point to the blank MP from step 1.
  4. Give the task a name and target the task to “Agents”
  5. Enter the script name and paste the above script
  6. Click “create”
  7. Goto monitoring pane -> Operations Manager -> agent details -> agent health state
  8. Click an agent or multi select several agents and click on the task
  9. View the task log for success or failures.

link from MSDN:

Agent Configuration Library Overview – Provides an overview of agent configuration scripting.

How to Add and Remove a Management Group – Describes how to add and remove a management group.

How to Display Management Group Information – Describes how to display management group information.



Hope you will find it helpful.

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