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ConfigMgr 2007 Console options for Non English Characters

20/01/2010 1 comment

The SMS Provider is a WMI provider that allows access (read and write) to the Configuration Manager 2007 site database.
The SMS Provider is used by the Configuration Manager console, Resource Explorer, tools, and custom scripts used by Configuration Manager 2007 administrators to access site information stored in the site database.

In multi-language Configuration Manager 2007 site hierarchies, the SMS Provider determines the installed operating system language of the requesting computerand formats data returned from the site database to the requesting computer in a matching language format. The provider is not capable of translating information from one language to another, but it is capable of providing data stored in different languages in the site database to requesting computers.

In my Test Environment the site database is installed on a computer with a English language operating system , and the stored information in the site database is formatted in the same language codepage. all consoles installed on OS with Hebrew Locale, in this case the SMS Provider would return information formatted for the English language code page instead of Hebrew, the resulting information returned would not be readable.


To resolve this issue, change the Locale of the SCCM site server and Provider to the same locale as your Console clients and then use the Command Line Options for Running the Configuration Manager Consoleto open it with your language support.

Example: “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Configuration Manager\AdminUI\binadminconsole.msc  /SMS:providerlocale=040d

the locale code page ID’s can be found here:

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