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my notes regarding the upgrade of SCOM SP1 to R2

09/12/2009 Leave a comment

There are several good blog articles containing all the procedures required to perform this upgrade, one of the best ,in my opinion is Kevin Holman Blog,

After several successful upgrades I bumped into some problems, I will try to describe them and the solutions helped me.

The environment I tried to upgrade was:

Server A: RMS + Reporting Services + Web Console

Server B: MS + ACS

Server  C: Cluster SQL Server with both operations manager DB and DW

Agents: Domain and DMZ agents

I started with the prerequisite checker, everything looks good (I need to install the AJAX extension for the web console), I followed all the pre-install procedures according to .

Now I’m ready to start the upgrade, so let’s start.

OMSetup.exe is lunched on server A.

The setup procedure starts upgrading the server and after a couple of minutes an error popps up. "Error 25154. Failed to execute SQL script. Error Code -2147217900 (The affinity mask specified conflicts with the IO affinity mask specified. Use the override option to force this configuration.).


Oops….OK, the rollback started automatically. After several searches I found this

it’s good to know that I’m not alone.

I followed Amit’s suggestion with no luck. My next step was to explore the mom.log file, the log file indicated that the problem is with "build_mom_db_upgrade.sql", the file is in the System Center operations Manager Installation folder under program files. The SQL script contains the following lines:

sp_configure @configname=clr_enabled, @configvalue=1




Back to Amit’s post, the suggestion is to add the WITH OVERRIDE after the reconfigure statement.

I decided to rename "build_mom_db_upgrade.sql" to "build_mom_db_upgrade.sql.old"

And to place a copy in "C:Program FilesSystem Center Operations Manager 2007" which contains the fix .

sp_configure @configname=clr_enabled, @configvalue=1




run SETUPOM.exe again. , now the "Create database object" step finished successfully.


After a couple of minutes the upgrade procedure failed with no errors and the auto rollback process started again.

Open mom.log again to search the problem… my problem is with the Web Console.  I start the uninstall procedure of the web console, and check to see if there are left over’s, the web console folder didn’t clean up, I deleted the files and executed SETUPOM.exe for the third time.
After 30 minutes the setup procedure completed successfully!!!

The next steps were: the MS upgrade, reporting upgrade, ACS upgrade and a new installation of Web Console.

It’s a good time to take a coffee break.

Do not forget to follow the post installation procedures .

Unfortunately, a few days after the upgrade we found one more annoying problem that i will describe in my next post.

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