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Operations Manager 2007 R2 reports problem

19/08/2010 Leave a comment

Yesterday i bumped into 2 problems in Operations manager reports. the reporting services and SQL were on the same machine , Win2008R2 with SQL 2008 SP1.

The first problem was inability to drilldown a report from a client console, the report graph is shown correctly but when we want to drilldown the report it ended with the following error:


there was a similar problem with OpsMgr RTM and Microsoft fixed it with SP1, so what is going on here? 
OK, lets try to run the report from server side…..and…..everything works just fine.
Lately, every problems with SRS and SQL came from regional settings configurations (SCOM & SCCM) ,as we can see the error is about a type mismatch ‘The value provided for the report parameter ‘StartDate_BaseValue’ is not valid for its type. (rsReportParameterTypeMisMatch)’ . To verify this I opened the report server web site from server and client side, and here are the results:

Server side browser is the left image with the correct settings (MM/DD/YYYY)
image image
the server was set to English (United States) and the client to non-English format.

OK, now after we have a working reporting environment I needed to publish some of the reports using the schedule feature of SRS.
and a second problem appears. I can see a proper report when I ran the report manually, but when I schedule it and chose any format I ended with a blank graph.
this is a known bug in SQL 2008 reporting and Microsoft released a fix to this problem, after applying the fix the report rendered successfully.


1. I recommend you to save a copy of the file before any changes are made!!!

2. Do not forget to restart the SSRS service after saving the file.

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Upgrading Operations Manager Reporting Server to Windows 2008 R2 and SQL 2008

23/05/2010 Leave a comment

Customer requested to upgrade his Operations Manager reporting services to Windows server 2008 R2 & SQL 2008 SP1 to do so i followed :

The site DBA said that we don’t need to do an SQL upgrade and we can move the DB from SQL 2005 to SQL 2008.

the monitoring environment include:
RMS + SQL for OpsMgr DB (windows server 2008 SP2 with SQL 2005)
SRS + SQL for OpsMgrDW DB (Windows server 2003 SP2 with SQL 2005)

in order to get a fast rollback we got a new server and we will use the same server name (customer home-made scripts and reports uses server name and not a relative name).

The Upgrade Procedure:
1. Install new OS on the new server with temp name.
2. Backup of the OpsMgrDW DB + Jobs + Logins form the old server.
3. Stop all Opsmgr services (RMS,MS,GW) and shutdown the old reporting server.
4. Change the temp server name to the old server name.
5. Install SQL 2008 with SP1 + Configure the reporting services.
6. Verify that http://localhost/reports is showing info.
7. Start all services from step 3 and Install SCOM R2 Reporting Services. use the same Data Warehouse action account, OpsMgr Data reader and Writer.
8. repeat step 3 and Delete the new OpsMgrDW and restore the old DB.
9. Check Security settings (Logins) for OpsMgrDW DB for the users in step 7 and for the SDK service account.
10. Verify that the reporting services data source (connection string) is OK.
11. Start all services from step 3.
12. Verify that RMS and MS can store data in OpsMgrDW DB , check the OperationsManager event log for events 31570,31558,31554,31563,31551,31569,31552,10103 that indicates a connection problem.
13. run a report and check that everything is OK.

In case of rollback we need to shutdown the new server, restart the old server (join to domain) and that’s all.

We followed all steps and it seems that everything is fine, BUT i found that the setup procedure include an agent installation and the service “System Center Management” did not start. did i missed something ?

OK, i followed the move procedure again and i found that i need to “Uninstall the current Data Warehouse component” before i move to the new installation. maybe this part delete the agent from the OpsMgr DB? 

To fix this i deleted the old reporting server agent from the console, uninstalled the agent from the new server restart the server and then pushed a new client. now the agent started and we can monitor the new reporting server.

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